One of the main features of CalcKit is the built-in Math Console. Built on top of the extensive math.js library, it can perform any kind of mathematical calculations. Designed for engineers, teachers, students, builders, handymen and more. The results are displayed right below an expression.

You can use hundreds of built-in functions, or you can define your own functions and constants.

CalcKit automatically stores the latest 50 expressions that you type. You can clear the math console by typing the clear command.

Within the Math Console you are able to iterate through previous expressions using the Up and Down keys on your keyboard.

Import Custom Code

CalcKit’s Math Console gives you the possibility to import your own functions and constants.

By clicking the button and then clicking Edit Imports you will access a text-box where you can type your own code that will be automatically imported every time when you open the Math Console.

You can type as many functions/constants/calculations as you want. To separate the expressions you can use semicolon ; or new-lines.

Below is an example of some functions and constants. You can copy-paste the following code in your Math Console and try using some the functions/constants defined in it, to see how it works.

g = 9.80665 m/s^2;
q = 1.602176620898 * 10^(-19) C;

G = 6.67408 * 10^(-11);
Fg(m1, m2, r) = G * m1 * m2 / r^2;